Terms of service

1- Do not leak your login info.
1.1- If your account was compromised & you got blacklisted please contact us to appeal the blacklist with proofs
1.2- If no proof given that it wasn't you who leaked your login info then you'll stay blacklisted until some proof are given.
2- Do not attempt to sell any rc7 whitelist or the whitelist will be blacklisted.
3- Do not use rc7 to maliciously scam others.
3.1- This include: auth log, selling fake copies of rc7 & etc.
3.2- Do not bait scam with rc7.
3.3- Do not RAT with or pack rc7 with a RAT.
4- Do not attempt to crack or bypass anything of rc7.
4.1- Do not attempt to reverse engineer rc7.
4.2- Do not use a cracked version of rc7 either.
4.3- Do not attempt or make a anti-rc7 script that detect or stop you from using rc7 ingame or either even helping someone to make one.
5- Do not impersonate the creator of rc7 or otherwise you'll be blacklisted if you own rc7.
6- The creator of Rc7 has the permission to blacklist you on any circumstances.
7- Rc7 updates can be delayed at any time.
8- Rc7 can be discountinued at any time.
9- The ToS can be changed at any time.
10- If you're not satisfied with RC7
You may request a refund by reaching out to us @ 'rcmhosting@gmail.com'
By accepting & respecting those ToS you're in order to be able to use or purchase Rc7.
By not accepting this I reserve the right to blacklist your account at any time.
By not respecting the ToS or either not accepting it as a whitelisted user you will be blacklisted.